Studio Brüll is a studio for design, art and technology. We design and produce interactive installations, exhibits, artworks and live experiences for exhibitions in museums, showrooms, trade fairs and other communicative spaces and events.

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We are software creatives

We create site specific media installations, digital media systems, media architecture, interactive exhibits, immersive media spaces and media enhanced scenography. We combine 3D CGI, Generative Design and realtime visual effects with managed content. We know how to handle kinectics, sensors, actors, microcontrollers, AR, VR, tracking, laser, projection mapping, smart materials. You name it, we know how to get there.

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Appraoch and Services

With the human in the center of our focus we mediate ideas, messages and knowledge. We transform complex information into an emotionally and playfully experience and enable a communication which remains in memory. We create human-machine interactions with Intuitive handling and haptic sensations and combine it with a strong narrative on eye to eye level communication.

We accompany your project from concept to a working prototype, from the technical planning of the hardware systems to the final implementation of the installation. Including product design, physical interfaces, motion design, graphic design, programming and interaction design.

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Team & Network

The studio was founded by David Brüll. Our interdisciplinary network includes partners from a wide range of disciplines and activities. As the makers of NODE we work in the middle of a vivid international digital art and design scene. We work with them, and we are used to work in agile and scalable team structures. In edge cases we know exactly who to work with and who we need onboard of the team. Designers, curators, developers, architects, av-production companies, interior designers, digital artists, vfx artists, game designers, musicians.

You talk with your client. We talk with our artists, experts and tech departments and bring your ideas to life.